How to turn your NFT art into cash

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If you’re an artist who’s been creating digital art on the blockchain, you might be wondering how to turn your digital creation into cash. The answer to that question isn’t simple, and it depends on a lot of factors. But don’t worry: we’ve got it all figured out for you.

Find a market

If you’re looking to sell your digital NFT art, the first thing you have to do is find a marketplace. There are plenty of ways to do this; some marketplaces are exclusive to certain NFTs and others let you sell any kind of digital asset.

To find a marketplace, first head over to This website has its own curated list of marketplaces where people can buy and sell their cryptocurrency art online—you should be able to find your specific niche here (or maybe even start your own?).

Next, make sure that the marketplaces you want to use are legitimate by checking out their reviews on Trustpilot or ReviewMeta (or both). If there are lots of good reviews from happy customers who were paid quickly after selling their artwork through these platforms, then it’s probably safe for you too!

Choose the right blockchain

In order to turn your NFT art into cash, you’ll need to select the right blockchain. It’s important to remember that not all blockchains are created equal. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing which blockchain will be best for your needs:

  • Does the blockchain have enough users? If there aren’t many users of the platform, then it might not be worth using that platform for your digital asset.
  • Is there a secondary market available for trading? A secondary market allows buyers and sellers to find each other without going through an intermediary like Coinbase or Binance. Without one of these platforms, it can be difficult for buyers and sellers alike to find each other on their own; this is one reason why cryptokitties are so popular—there is an easy-to-use marketplace where people can buy and sell their kitties with just a few clicks!

Decide how to sell it

The first step to selling your NFT art is figuring out how to sell it. You will have several options, including:

  • Selling through an online marketplace. This can be a quick and easy way to sell paintings or sculptures that aren’t part of a series, like the ones you see on Artlist.
  • Selling directly to a collector, gallery owner or museum curator. If you have built up a following over time in the crypto space, this may be an option for you! You could also choose this route if you’re looking for more money than most marketplaces would offer (Artlist caps prices at $500).
  • Listing with an auction house such as Sotheby’s or Christie’s that specializes in NFTs and cryptocurrencies. While this is one of the most lucrative ways of selling your work (they generally take 30%), there are downsides: there are many fees involved with consigning artwork into one of these auctions; there may not be enough liquidity in certain markets; and buyers who want something rare might not be able to afford the price tag that comes from having their name attached to something so valuable—which can make getting started difficult if they don’t already have collectors lined up before listing becomes available!

Set your price

Now that you’ve decided on what to sell, it’s time to set your price. Make sure you don’t sell for too little or you might not get any buyers, and don’t sell for too much or else no one will buy!

If you’re new to the NFT art market and want to test the waters before jumping in fully-funded by an investor (or yourself), try either a fixed price auction or selling at market value through a marketplace. You can also consider selling directly via Telegram groups or Discord servers if the community is small enough.

You can turn your NFT art into cash.

You can turn your NFT art into cash.

NFTs are not only a good investment, but a way to diversify your portfolio. As the marketplace for NFTs grows, more opportunities for investors will arise as well. NFT art also has a limited supply because there is only one of each piece of art in existence at any given time. This creates scarcity and makes it possible for you to sell your NFTs on secondary markets if you choose to do so.

To sell your NFT art:

  • Visit the website at!/listings
  • Click “Sell Now” under the artwork that you would like to sell


If you have an NFT art piece, now is the time to sell it. The market is booming and there are many buyers out there. There are also plenty of ways to sell your NFT art, so don’t be afraid of the process! Finding buyers may seem daunting at first but once you get started it will all make sense. Whether you choose an auction house or open up an account with one of our recommended exchanges such as OpenSea or Rarebits all sellers should be able to find a buyer who wants their unique item for sale on these platforms today!