Legendary American hip-hop artist releases NFT with Radio caca, Inc.

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Born in Rabat, Morocco, and a dual citizen of the United States and Morocco, French Montana is a legendary American hip-hop artist who immigrated to the South Bronx of New York City with his mother and brother when he was 13 years old. The area’s strong hip-hop culture deeply influenced French Montana, who soon burst forth with his hip-hop talent and created an underground DVD series called “Cocaine City” to showcase his rap talents. The “Cocaine City” series became one of the best-selling street DVDs, with one million copies sold worldwide.

    French Montana has also achieved the following: 10 billion+ global streams worldwide, 41X RIAA Parkin-selling records, 6 billion music video views, 15 million listeners per month, and is the first and so far the only artist to be co-branded with Rolex. From a poor boy in Morocco, to the world’s top hip-hop musician, French Montana red hair through, red jealousy, born to be lucky on this poor boy. Of course, this is also closely related to the fact that French Montana himself has a keen sense of judgment in the pursuit of wealth.

  Currently, French Montana is working on his new album, Kanye West and Rick Ross are the producers of the new album “MONTEGA” in 2022, and will be in Miami and Dubai for a three-year residency concert. He also invested in Radio caca, a meta-universe company, and became a co-founder of the hot coinage project NFT. In the new album to be created, NFT will be designed simultaneously as a credential for the only logo of the meta-universe era. The new album’s NFT will be a hot seller, and in addition to documenting the process of recording the new album and having the collector’s value of a unique global identity, each holder of the new album’s NFT will also receive a portion of the proceeds of the new album’s distribution in the online virtual world.

    French Montana is a very influential hip-hop artist in several regions of the world, he is the biggest American superstar in Dubai, the biggest American hip-hop superstar in Africa, and has a lot of traffic in the UK, Canada, Morocco and the Philippines. Dubai in particular is a mecca for the rich and luxurious life, where countless riches are gathered. By choosing Miami and Dubai for his 3-year concert, French Montana will consolidate his influence while also attracting a large number of wealthy individuals to buy his peripherals. And in the era of rapid development of the digital age, owning an NFT from the production of French Montana’s new album undoubtedly has a very great commemorative and collector’s value, in addition to sharing the great significance brought by the free staging of French Montana’s songs.

    Although radiocaca was introduced as part of the ethereum virtual coin back in 2017, 2021 can be called the first year of radiocaca’s development, in which the global NFT trading volume reached $17.6 billion, soaring 21,000% from $82 million in 2020. the wealth value bred by NFT makes every investor around the world Excited by the meta-universe era and the age of digital technology, NFT is bound to create a new storm of wealth. And the new album by French Montana is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to strike gold in NFT.