Liquid Art NFT: bringing added value to the NFT space

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Liquid Craft brings a new concept to the NFT market by using handcrafted collectible liquor bottles to add value to their liquid art, digital art pieces. Their first Dragons and Bourbon series has gone on public sale and is the first step in the project’s roadmap to a full market release.

Liquid Craft seeks to bring innovation to two markets in a single gesture with this release as well as their upcoming NFT market. Traditional liquor investments are made easy for investors of all skill levels, and NFTs can now have tangible value. The NFTs are all backed by collectible craft liquor bottles and they aim to deliver something unique from a wide range of international artisans in each series.

For buyers who wish to purchase their own Dragons and Bourbon NFT, the typing page is available here:

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT series – The Liquid Art NFT series

The first version of Liquid Craft is titled Dragons and Bourbon and is a 1500 NFT limited series, released in two levels. Each of the 1500 NFTs is bonded to a premium bottle of artisanal, small-batch bourbon, created by an award-winning international distiller in Windsor, Colo .– The Distillery of the Heart.

Each bottle in this unique batch of liquid art has been created using years of experience and technique with the finest local and locally grown ingredients. The Heart Distillery designed this small batch of bourbon specifically for this series, and due to the limited number of bottles available, the series is capped at the limit of 1,500.

Holders of the NFT may, at any time, choose to harvest the digital artwork for the physical product, which begins when a transfer process takes place, and the NFT is effectively withdrawn from circulation.

The limited series will be split equally into two separate networks, using Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. They use ETH for the large user base and take advantage of the much cheaper fees associated with BSC. Both tiers will contain bottles of premium liquor, but there will be slight variations between them, for bourbon and the next airdrop.

Tier One is hit on the Ethereum network with 750 NFT in total. Each NFT is backed by a premium quality barrel strength bottle, 123 – proof, straight bourbon, housed in a separate rounded bottle. Priced at 0.22 ETH each. This level will be eligible up to 4,500 $ CRAFT Tokens.

Level two is hit on the Binance Smart Channel with a total of 750 NFT. Each NFT is backed by a bottle of premium 100-proof pure bourbon, in a well-designed square bottle. Priced at 0.75 BNB each. This level will be eligible up to 1500 $ CRAFT Tokens.

What is the Liquid Crafts Native Token?

The $ CRAFT token will be a vital part of building the next marketplace and will be used as a utility token that will reward users of the token and encourage craftsmen to list their products in the marketplace.

The $ CRAFT token is expected to launch between December and January and will be used as the desired payment method by the next marketplace. When using $ CRAFT, holders will see rewards for holding, NFT buyers and craftsmen will see reduced fees. The token is deflationary and will see a portion of the fee dedicated to burning, reducing the overall supply over time.

Liquid Crafts before market launch

The project has a busy schedule for the market and token launch in the coming months, and to help with the ongoing marketing efforts that the project has established in partnership with Coinpresso. The Coinpresso team are experts in crypto writing, SEO, social media management, and web development, who will work with Liquid Craft for all future releases and launches.

The project has a valid use case in two distinct industries with liquid art NFTs, delivering tangible value to digital artwork and providing a simpler method of trading for collectible spirits. The project aims to fill their market with artisans from all over the world and provide a wide range of liqueurs in the process. Finally, NFTs have something to offer that is more than art and speculation, while potential liquor investors can delve into collecting top-quality bottles without worrying about traditional processes, hassle and hassle. ‘authenticity or storage.