Solajump, the world’s first play-to-win short game based on the Solana

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SolaJump is a short gaming type game based on the Solana blockchain. Kokeshi Academy and Nerd 148 Studios have used NFTs to reinvent a well-known short game and offer a Play-to-Win model.

Short gaming and NFT: a new model of Play-to-Win with SolaJump
The whole concept of short games is to offer a simple and highly addictive gaming experience. SolaJump has an ultra modern design, both for NFTs and for the gaming environment itself.

The principle is based on the basics of a well-known short gaming game: Doodle Jump. The objective for the player is to jump higher and higher by bouncing on randomly placed platforms. The more you progress, the rarer the platforms and the difficulty increases.

With its Play-to-Win model, SolaJump allows the best players to win important prizes, the jackpot for the top 50 players is 2,000 SOL, including 150 SOL reserved for the best score! To participate, nothing could be simpler, you must acquire an NFT SolaJumper. It’s the NFTs that are the gateway to gaming, much like the video game cartridges of old.

An initial mint to participate in the first SolaJump tournament!
During the initial mint, 10,000 unique algorithmically generated SolaJumpers will be available. Players will then be able to acquire their SolaJumper for the price of 1 SOL starting in December.

Possession of an NFT SolaJumper gives access to many advantages and bonuses, it will initially give access to 10 attempts to achieve the best score and win the best prize, the first will win in particular a sum of more than 30,000 dollars during of the first tournament named “Genesis Tournament”. After this first tournament, players can choose to exchange their NFT on the secondary market or keep it to participate in the other tournaments that will be organized each month with very large prizes up for grabs.

20% of the funds linked to NFT’s first mint will go directly to the Genesis Tournament prize pool. An amount that will be added to the 2,000 SOL of the initial prize pool. 20% of other mint-related funds will be allocated to the monthly tournament jackpots. Each year the goal will be to set up new tournaments and new NFT mints will be created to grow the jackpots.

Monthly tournaments and an upcoming PVP mode for 2022!
The monthly tournaments will start in January 2022, the best players will share a prize pool of 100 SOL. After which Kokeshi Academy Studio will launch the Jump Coin in February 2022 in order to allow players to bet on the performance of each in private tournaments with the PVP mode which will be launched in March 2022. A game mode between players that will allow players top performers to win NFTs, Jump Coins, as well as many other prizes by beating the score of their direct opponent.

Jeff Meguir, CEO of SolaJump said: “SolaJump is the result of a partnership between two studios, NERD148 and Kokeshi Academy. The idea is to give the DeFi ecosystem tools to create NFTs and Play-to-Earn models. SolanaJump kicks off a larger trend of small arcade games connected with NFTs. “

Kokeshi Academy Studio is also preparing to launch an arcade games incubator based on Solana for the second part of the year 2022. In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to get your SolaJumper during the upcoming mint at the start of the year. month of december. Find all the details of the project as well as the important dates on the various networks of SolaJump: in particular their Twitter and their Discord account.